Dsaar Online Shop - The window to Damascus

Who We Are?

We are an Online-Shop selling eastern products including food, women and children’s clothing, art, and toys. Dsaar provides a platform for Arabic retailers to present their products to a European market.


  • The first idea came from the need that Firas (Founder) experienced as he was living in the countryside how hard is it to get food products as the normal physical shops were not in reasonable walking distance from where he lived.
  • “It was clear for me that I would need at least 10 years to reach the required language skills to be able to work as a lawyer in Germany” said Firas Abou Kuba, former lawyer in Syria.
  • Firas spent almost 2 years planning his project to start his own company after deciding that Ecommerce was the right place to invest his time in.
  • “Fitt Institut (Institut für Technologietransfer an der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes) was the best experience that I have ever had in this field.
  • Firas and Anas (Co-Founder) met in one of the seminars organized by Fitt Institut.
  • “I was inspired by Firas’s determination and ambitious so came the right decision to continue the journey together” said Anas Alakkad, former medical student.
image from an old type house in damascus syria

Global retail ecommerce sales will reach $ 4.5 trillion by 2021. Many shoppers are now looking beyond their borders when shopping online. 75% of buyers buy from an ecommerce vendor that translates or converts according to their language and currency requirements. The Dsaar online store was founded in August 2018 with the mission of e-commerce revolution and the development of new promising markets.


The information technology revolution is still relevant. Online selling of products is not our only goal at Dsaar to tell the story of each product and to introduce a cultural experience, that’s important to us. As part of global globalization, we plan to be one of the leading providers of information between cultures. Especially between Europe and the Middle East.


Through e-commerce we are able to deliver all our products to every house in Europe. All your beloved products are just a click away. In the ecommerce world, it is now easier for sellers to showcase their products on our platform.


Our primary customer base consists of Arabic speaking shoppers living in Germany. Through our online platform geared towards Arabic speakers familiar goods not typically stocked in European stores will be much more accessible.

Dsaar can serve a wide range of lifestyles.This experience is also intended for non Arabic peoples who are interested exploring other products from the Middle Eastern market.

Products include interesting art, clothes and toy as well as a variety of food products including vegan and vegetarian and gluten free foods popular in the Arabic diet.


We launched on August, 2018 with our beta version as a plan of testing the market, the customers and getting a sight into the practical part of the Business.

After gathering all the final information needed for building our customized Online-Shop we are now close to our goal getting the final website online with full collection of oriental food stuff, baby clothes, art and toys.

An integrated system for other companies and private sellers to be able to present their products on our platform is what make Dsaar