Click on “Sign in” and then on “Register now”. Now please complete all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk. Find a password and confirm. Every time you go into your customer account, password and email address are required.


You can check, change or complete the information in the customer account at any time. The applicable privacy policy will be observed and the data will not be disclosed to third parties.

If you want to change your name, email address, password or your salutation, please go to “My User Data” in your customer account.


When saving the change, you will have to enter your password again.

Under “My Address Book” in the customer account you can change the delivery address for future orders.

If you want to delete your customer account, please contact us via the contact form as listed below.


We need your email address to which your customer account is connected.


We can delete your customer account only,


-if all your open invoices have been paid and we no longer have to pay you back


– if there is no gift certificate balance in your customer account


-When all your orders have been shipped.


If any of the above is still pending, delays in deleting your customer account may occur.


If you moved to another country, you can keep your old customer account. You just have to adjust your address. Just check “Change address help page” for more information.

Go on sign up and then sign up now. Then fill out the fields marked with an asterisk and create, enter and confirm a secret password. Each time you call up the customer account you will be asked for your email address and password.

In the customer account your data are always controllable. You can change or complete these there. Of course the legal provisions on data protection apply on us. We are not allowed to share your information with third parties without your consent.

If you want to log in, go to “Login”. Enter your email address and password. You can also click on “Login” and then on the button “Register now”.



You can log out by hovering over the “My Account” icon and clicking on “Logout” in the window that appears.


Mobile browser


Open “My Orders”. There you will find the logout button. You just have to scroll down  and tap “Sign out”.

Have you forgotten your password?


If you have forgotten your password, first click on “Login”.


A new window will appear. There you go to “Forgotten password”


A new window will open. In the corresponding field, enter either your e-mail address or your user name and then click on “Reset password”


We need the email address with which you are registered at to send you an email back. This contains a link with which you can reset the password.


This may take several minutes. Please also check the spam folder.


To order please go to the selected item on the button “Add to cart”. Click on “In shopping cart”, if you want to receive a list of your already ordered products, the total and the delivery date. If you have checked the order and found it to be correct, click on the button “Checkout”. The order is now binding. Now we will send you an email confirming your order number. As soon as the goods leave our house, you will be notified by an email containing a tracking link.

“Orders” shows you an overview of your orders.


“Show” shows you details of your order such as


-What you ordered


-The delivery address you have specified


-How you have paid


-The invoice amount


-What part of the bill that has to be paid is remaining


Everything that revolves around the shipment of the goods

This is only possible if the order is not yet packed. You have to cancel the order and place a new order with the changed address.


Once the package is placed with DHL, you will receive a confirmation email with a link, with the help of which you can choose a parcel shop or storage.

In “Addresses” you can change your billing and delivery address.

However, you can cancel your order if the order has not yet been packed. Now you can specify the correct address in the customer account and reorder.


If your cancellation and the order to the new address arrived too late, the delivery will go back to us. In this case, the amount will be refunded.

A cancellation is only possible if the fields “cancel article” or “cancel order” are active.


Please note that orders paid with a voucher can only be canceled as a whole

Log in here if you want to receive an invoice for the last five orders with VAT. Of course, the order must have already left our house.

Lieferung an eine Paketstation

We only accept one delivery address per delivery.

By placing the consignment with the parcel service you will receive an email confirming the shipment and containing a consignment number with which you can check the consignment history.


Standard: 2-4 business days


Express: 1-2 working days


both only from Monday to Saturday.


Under “Shipping Option”, when placing your order, you can see how long the delivery is likely to take.


If you would like to be supplied with DHL, you have the option to choose a delivery location via the DHL package notification email, like for example a particular package shop. In addition, the date of delivery can be changed.

Standard shipping takes 2-4 business days


When your package is sent, you will receive a shipping confirmation in an email with a tracking number to control where your shipment is currently located.

As a general rule, we ship within 48 hours of receiving the order. If special items are ordered in different warehouses, it may take a little longer. We ask for your understanding.

The change of the delivery address is possible with the help of the email for the package announcement. This allows you to choose the delivery location or change the delivery date.


If the parcel carrier does not meet you, you can learn about where your parcel is stored by tracking.

If the package has been sent to the parcel delivery you will receive an email with the package announcement. This also gives you the opportunity to order a parcel shop or another storage location to receive the parcel. If the order should be delivered to another country, you have to go to “Settings” in the corresponding country shop. Here you log in with your username and password and enter the new address in the address book. If you have moved, the package will be returned to us and we will refund the purchase price within the next 14 days from the arrival of the package.

Express delivery is possible and costs 5.90 € surcharge

Not all products can be sent by express.

Not all postal codes can be shipped by express delivery.

Click “Shipping option” to find out if express delivery is offered for your address.

Express is delivered Monday through Saturday, no later than 9pm. On Sundays and public holidays there is no delivery.

For orders before 3pm (from Monday to Friday) your Express package arrives the next working day. Please order before 2pm on Saturdays if you want to be delivered on Mondays.


When your package is expected to ship, check Shipping options at ‘’My Account’’ under “My Orders” and details in “Tracking Help Page”. There you will find the current status of the delivery.

If you are not found, your goods will be delivered the next day.

Please note that the express delivery fee will not be refunded if the package is returned to us.

Credit of the return

14 days after receipt of the return the money will be returned depending on the payment method you have chosen.


A confirmation of the receipt of the returned goods takes place only after examination, not at the arrival of the goods. We ask you to wait 14 days.


Please remember that for express delivery € 5.90 will be charged. These will not be refunded on returns. In case of cancellation or non-deliverable goods, we will refund you the amount paid.

In the customer account you can fill in and send out new return documents. Before that, please report the return online under “Send article back”.

Select the items you want to send back to us – also possible from multiple orders. Then please click on “Submit return”.

First pack the item and stick the return label with the return address on the package.

Then take the package to a parcel service of your choice. The return slip that you have glued on the package entitles you to return it free of charge within the first 14 days after receipt of our package. If you give up the package, you will receive a return slip, which you should retain until we have confirmed to you the receipt of the returned package by email.

If the complaint is justified, the defective goods will be replaced by intact goods of the same variety within 14 days after receipt of the goods complained of with us.

Please send us back the goods to be claimed and give us the most accurate list of defects. For each product complained about, please indicate the order number.

Just use the return slip included in each package. Please note: send back complained items from different orders in separate packages.

Unfortunately, we cannot exchange an ordered article in retrospect with an article of another kind.

We cannot provide a pick-up service for reclaimed goods.

Register online that you are returning merchandise.

Create the return documents in your customer account and print them out.

Indicate the items you want to send.


Click “Submit Return” and then print out the return documents.

The amount registered on the Gift Certificate will only be refunded within the first 14 days after issue, upon return of the unused Gift Certificate.

If you have already paid for the goods with a gift voucher in the case of a justified complaint, the rejected article will be replaced by a faultless article of the same kind within 14 days after receipt of the goods complained about by us free of charge. A refund of the purchase price is not possible.

If the value of the goods is less than the amount entered on the voucher, the difference is credited.

If the purchase value of your order exceeds the value of the voucher, enter the coupon code in the appropriate box and select the payment amount for the balance.

The invoice includes only the goods you have accepted. The purchase price of the product returned by you will be deducted from the invoice. For transfers already received, we will transfer the difference back. Please note that it may take up to 5 days to appear on your bank statements.

We transfer the credit back to the account from which the money has reached us. The refund will appear on the next credit card statement. Date of chargeback and payment can be the same.

The amount goes back to the account from which the transfer came. Please note that it may take up to 5 days for the chargeback to appear on your bank statements.

The amount will be transferred back to the debited account.

Please note that it may take up to 5 days for the chargeback to appear on your bank statements.

The amount will be returned to the PayPal account used by you. If you do not want the amount to be returned to your PayPal account, you can choose to have it returned to your bank account.

Wrong delivery

You can select a specific packing station in the “Address” field when completing your order.


You can change an already specified delivery address by clicking on the pen next to the old delivery address.


Number of your packing station: Click on “To Packstation finder”

It may be necessary to send your order in several packages. For every package you will receive your own shipping confirmation via email with a link to follow the shipment history.

If the package has been damaged and you wish to return the goods to us, please take a packaging of your choice and please use the return documents which are in enclosed with every package. The return is free, but we cannot reimburse the packaging.

It may happen that we send you several orders together in one package. You will be informed in advance in the shipping confirmation.


In the customer account, you can compare which items in the package belong to which order. Under certain circumstances, one of the orders will remain at “shipped”.


Nevertheless, please transfer each order separately, with respective order number in the intended use.


Just as the goods were packaged in a package, you can return the goods in a package to us using the return documents included in each package.

Unfortunately, we cannot exchange an ordered article in retrospect with an article of another kind.

We cannot provide pick-up service for goods in complaint.

Register online that you are returning merchandise.


Create the return documents in your customer account and print them out.


Indicate the items you want to send.


Click “Submit Return” and then print out the return documents.

Vouchers and credit

Once you have selected a product, go to the cashier and redeem your voucher there.

Unfortunately, you cannot save any action vouchers as a credit in the customer account. You can only redeem the promotion coupons when placing an order.

The amount of a gift certificate returned will be credited to the customer’s account. Gift Certificates will not be redeemed for cash. If you have purchased with a gift certificate as well as with another method of payment, the invoice amount of the items you keep will be paid in full up to the amount you entered with the gift certificate.


After receiving the goods, you have 14 days to pay for them.

You want to see the status of your invoice? Then log in under “Login”.

In the customer account you can call up the open amount when you open your order there. If you pay part of your bill, your account will be updated in the next 5 days. For returns of goods, updating your account takes up to 14 days.


Sign up for the newsletter Registration takes place under “My Newsletter”. There you can log in and out. To order the newsletter, you must click on the link in the confirmation email. There can be problems if spam filters are active in your mail system. Just add to your address book.

Go to the customer account under “My Newsletter” and change the setting. Updating our page takes about a week. It may be that you still receive newsletters during this time. If newsletters are displayed as spam in the future, other emails may not be sent correctly.

We strictly adhere to the applicable laws of the Privacy Policy. Without your consent, we will not share your information with third parties. Important: It may happen that unauthorized send emails that look like a bill from Dsaar. Likewise, possibly wrong order confirmations or even fake dunning notices will be sent. In this way, criminals want to get hold of your passwords and user data, or install malicious software on your computer. In such emails you cannot open links or attached files under any circumstances. Do not share your password.

Change your password in the customer account under “My user data” as soon as possible. Also, make sure your accounts are secure. You may need to change your access information, for example, with your online banking account.